Getting started

Truffle-1 acts as a home server to run open-source AI models like LLaMA and Whisper locally, and efficiently.

The quickest way to get started with your Truffle-1 is to power your device on, and install the Truffle CLI on your macbook using the following command

brew install truffle

Once you've successful installed the CLI, you're ready to setup your device.

truffle setup

You'll be presented with two options. For simplicity, let's select WiFi and then follow the steps to connect your Truffle to the local network you're on.

You can always reboot truffle if anything goes wrong with

truffle reboot

or redo the setup process if you'd like to change the network you're connected to.

That's it! You've successfully connected Truffle to your local network, and it's now ready to get started to run a local LLM.

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